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The Best Optimizely Features, According to Team Nansen

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Team Nansen prides ourselves on designing seamless, robust, and meaningful digital experiences. With customer expectations as high as they’ve ever been before, slight delays or outdated content can prompt an exit from an online experience, and the possibility that the user will never return. The key to maintaining an engaging, seamless digital experience is having a great CMS, like Optimizely.

Forrester Report: The Business Impact of Optimizely

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As an Optimizely Partner, we at Nansen believe strongly that Optimizely’s CMS and Web Experimentation platforms are best-in-class. Forrester Consulting agrees. First, Forrester named Optimizely as a Leader in its New Wave group for Feature Management and Experimentation.

Optimizely Shares 2021 Roadmap for B2B Commerce Products

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Under the banner of a new unified vision, to “empower people to unlock digital potential,” Optimizely recently outlined its B2B commerce product roadmap for the remainder of 2021 and beyond in an information-rich webinar for customers and partners.

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP): How to Drive Innovation in CX

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Strategic business leaders know that delivering meaningful and seamless customer experiences is critical to success in 2021—and many have started turning to Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) to help power their online CX.