The Nansen Wintercamp - Day 1

Nansen Experience

The idea behind the Wintercamp is simple. We travel to a remote location and stay at a private, secluded house for 4 to 5 days with fellow Nansen staff from all our offices. There, in the daytime, we code, hack, create and build together.

Why We Pour Ourselves into a Brand


Getting to know our clients as people and what they and their brand stands for is invaluable.


Nansen Experience

Build 2016, Day One

Nansen Experience

First day of Build 2016 is over, at least for my part. It’s been fun, a bit chaotic, and man… My feet hurt like crazy!

Build 2016, Day Two

Nansen Experience

Back in the hotel after another eventful day. As tired as yesterday. I’m getting to old for this, I think.