What is an Experience Data Platform and how can it help you launch CX projects faster?


Nansen has partnered with Occtoo to strengthen their offering in building digital experiences faster and more cost-effectively using Occtoo’s Experience Data Platform.

Nansen and Occtoo Partner Up to Help Clients Launch and Manage Compelling New Digital Experiences


“The beauty of Occtoo,” according to Nansen CEO Markus Bereflod, “is that our clients can leverage existing investments in CMS, Commerce, PIM, and ERP platforms. With Occtoo, we rapidly combine and segment data from those existing platforms and build any type of frontend experience – a website, mobile app, service portal – much quicker than ever before.

Meet Arnold Macauley, Chief Product Officer and Co-Owner at Nansen

Nansen Experience

As the Chief Product Officer and Co-Owner at Nansen, partner Arnold Macauley holds a fair amount of sway over the agency’s current and future direction. His vision for Nansen draws on what he sees as the company’s greatest strength: building true relationships with customers that help generate innovation and success.

Meet Joe Geringer, Senior Front End Developer at Nansen

Nansen Experience

Senior Front End Developer Joe Geringer started working at Nansen in 2012 doing front-end development after his sister Mary, another Nansen employee, urged him to join the company. In the years since, according to Joe, he has “learned how to do things in a very different way.” We love that—so keep reading to learn more about The Nansen Way.

Meet Patrick Waks, Nansen's Front End Technical Lead

Nansen Experience

Front-End Technical Lead Patrick Waks is one of the founding members of the Nansen family. As our first employee in Sweden and one of three team members to migrate to Chicago and help establish Nansen in the U.S., Patrick knows the space, the company, and the work we do better than almost anyone. Read on to get to know this aspiring woodworker.