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7 B2B E-commerce News Sources We Love


At Nansen, we believe in helping our customers meet the demands of today’s B2B e-commerce customers while driving innovation for the buyers of tomorrow, so keeping on top of the latest news, insights, and opportunities is essential.

Discover the “Hidden Gem” of Chicago, According to Nansen Apprentice Shawn Coleman

Nansen Experience

Here, Shawn shares his hopes that Nansen will expand its AI capabilities, explains the Unreal Engine, and shares his secret spot for outdoor activities in Chicago.

Site Search Best Practices: 5 Ways to Test Your Functionality


For a quick reminder of how important site search tools are to e-commerce businesses, consider the following statistic. On the average shopping website, about 1.8% of all visitors will make a purchase; visitors who have used the search tool on that same site will convert at a rate of 5.2%. 

How Nansen’s New Design Methodology Eliminates Silos and Improves Outcomes


One of the core values at Nansen is our team’s drive to explore. We believe that delivering truly impactful work for our clients requires us to reject complacency and always be open to improving processes and approaches, even when they’re the industry standard.

The Best Optimizely Features, According to Team Nansen

Episerver (Optimizely)

Team Nansen prides ourselves on designing seamless, robust, and meaningful digital experiences. With customer expectations as high as they’ve ever been before, slight delays or outdated content can prompt an exit from an online experience, and the possibility that the user will never return. The key to maintaining an engaging, seamless digital experience is having a great CMS, like Optimizely.