How to Craft a Customer Experience Strategy


One of the end-goals of digital transformation is the ability to deliver your business’ core offering better, faster and for less money than ever before—and, whatever product or service you provide, your true core offering is meaningful, seamless experiences for your customers.

How to Run an Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Audit


At Nansen, we believe that a website is never “done.” Markets, technology, and above all consumers themselves are constantly evolving—to keep up, digital platforms should be assessed and updated at least every couple of years.

Rendering Gatsby Images from Contentful Rich Text

David Boland

Gatsby is great at rendering images. To do this, you need to leverage the Gatsby Image Plugin. For most of the images on the site, that is no problem. For images in Rich Text, it's not so simple.

How to Increase Average Order Value (AOV): The Behavior-Based AI Approach


In the world of eCommerce, traffic and conversion claim an outsized share of attention. Of course, getting lots of relevant visitors onto a website or app where they can make purchases—and then convincing them to go through with that purchase—is key to generating revenue.

Design Sprint Process: How to Rapidly Drive Product Innovation


On the path to digital maturity, there will be plenty of obstacles to overcome. After all, experts estimate that 95% of product innovations fail. So—does your company have a strategy for meeting these inevitable challenges?