“Platform Thinking” Helps Insurance Company Deliver Its First Customer-Facing App

The Challenge

The insurance industry is undergoing massive transformation. Like other enterprises that have traditionally offered services through intermediaries like brokers, insurance companies have begun to adjust to rising customer expectations and capabilities by engaging them directly through seamless digital experiences. 

For one financial services company specializing in life insurance and other benefits packages, staying ahead of its competitors meant creating a new, easy-to-use system that allowed customers to design and purchase policies themselves. They came to Nansen with the goal of launching a robust and meaningful consumer-facing application, one that would connect seamlessly to its existing website and be powered by Episerver / Optimizely CMS. 


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Nansen was ideally positioned to assist the insurance company with this project.

First, as an Episerver Silver Partner, Nansen could quickly spin up a new headless CMS using Episerver. (Episerver has both headless and native capabilities.) This app was to be the client’s first direct-to-consumer (DTC) platform, fully digitizing previously paper-based processes like applying for policies and gathering client feedback. As the core customer touchpoint, the app needed to be both robust and easy to use. 

Working collaboratively, the client and Nansen teams leveraged Episerver’s out-of-the-box visitor groups functionality to add personalization to the application. This allowed the insurance company to greet different users who visited the app with custom content and options tailored to their needs, dramatically enhancing their experience.

Equally as important as the technical know-how around Episerver and headless CMS that Nansen brought to this project was the team’s overall strategic approach to multi-touch digital customer experiences. Within Nansen, the approach is known as platform thinking. The key objective behind platform thinking is to provide a continuous experience across multiple connected sites and applications.

The Results

By removing the silos that have long separated different touchpoints in the customer journey, platform thinking helped this insurance company integrate its new application into its existing digital platform in a truly seamless way. Visitors to the firm’s main site who made their way to the new application would view offerings and content customized for them. In this way, the new app invites customers further down the funnel by meeting their needs automatically.

Answering rising customer expectations with robust and innovative digital platforms is key to staying competitive in every industry, and financial services is no exception. With the launch of its new consumer-facing application designed with platform thinking, this Nansen partner is well-positioned to continue evolving alongside its customers and delivering superlative digital experiences.