7 B2B E-commerce News Sources We Love

The B2B e-commerce landscape is enormous and dynamic, so it’s no surprise that e-commerce news sources abound online. At Nansen, we believe in helping our customers meet the demands of today’s B2B e-commerce customers while driving innovation for the buyers of tomorrow, so keeping on top of the latest news, insights, and opportunities is essential.

We surveyed our team to compile the below list of trustworthy and to-the-minute B2B e-commerce news sources. As a whole, the Nansen team prefers news sources that provide a comprehensive look at the industry, from Amazon’s unprecedented innovations to fresh concepts from red-hot B2B e-commerce startups. 

Jump into the list below, bookmark your favorites, and be sure to let us know if you’re in need of a partner to help elevate your B2B e-commerce efforts.


1. TechCrunch eCommerce 

The well-known website TechCrunch describes itself as “technology news and analysis with a focus on founders and startup teams.” Its e-commerce vertical always includes a wealth of updates in the B2B space.


2. Business Insider E-commerce

Delivering “what you want to know about business,” this segment of the Insider brand categorizes its e-commerce news stories with helpful labels like Retail, Tech, Advertising, and more.


3. Practical Ecommerce

Head here for “expert insights to grow your online business,” or for a peek into what people who run online businesses are reading. PE’s feed includes webinars and other resources in addition to news updates. 


4. Crunchbase News Business

Crunchbase News will help you stay up to date on what’s happening in the B2B e-commerce startup space. With a focus on “markets, startups, founders, and investors,” you’ll never miss a groundbreaking new product. 


5. Digital Commerce 360 B2B

The “B2B Ecommerce World” vertical of Digital Commerce 360 includes sections for, on the one hand, news and analysis, and on the other, market trends that you’ll want to stay on top of.


6. Ecommerce Guide

Within its News feed, Ecommerce Guide offers readers high-level views of trends and ideas driving innovation in e-commerce. It’s an easy-to-consume bank of knowledge for anyone watching the B2B space.


7. Shopify B2B Ecommerce Guide

As one of the companies that helped revolutionize online shopping experiences, Shopify’s ShopifyPlus blog is a must-follow source for B2B e-commerce news and ideas.