Pet Food Leader Enhances Customer Experience with Strategic Digital Ecosystem

The Challenge

A premium pet food brand with more than $1 billion in annual sales and 10,000 retail partners sought to create a digital ecosystem that would help expand its customer and retail base. While the existing website was successful in attracting new customers with its popular coupon request feature and product comparison tool, the company recognized an opportunity to increase conversions across all audiences with more targeted, multi-channel engagement.


Consumer Packaged Goods

To begin its digital transformation, the brand partnered with Nansen to replatform its existing website from a proprietary CMS to Episerver. The move to a best-in-class CMS streamlined the content creation process and improved visitor engagement with clear calls to action at key points along the buyer journey. In addition to creating a new, mobile-first website, Nansen developed an API and consolidated customer database housing more than 1.5 million records with an improved interface to manage retailers. Connected to a front-end store search, the database serves as the source of truth for customer records while the API enables connection between the website, database, email management,coupon fulfillment, and other third party systems and partners.

Interactive tools and campaigns including a custom-built product recommendation wizard were added to further elevate the customer experience, increasing conversion and educating consumers. Once a visitor completes the wizard, takes a quiz, or submits a form, they are automatically added to a personalized drip campaign, welcoming them to the brand and offering tailored information based on profile data and preferences. Visitors can also create member accounts to participate in seasonal contests and other fun activities.

Additional websites were built for various geographies and target audiences to ensure specific customer groups such as trainers or vets are being served the most relevant information, programs, and offers. Once logged in, partners have the ability to order welcome packs with fulfillment managed via the customer database.

A .org website was also implemented to increase awareness of and drive support for the cure of specific pet illnesses with a Stripe payment integration to process one-time and recurring donations.

Finally, an iPad application powered by Episerver Commerce was rapidly developed to bolster event-based, mobile marketing efforts at town fairs, motocross events, etc. Event attendees can complete a profile using the app and receive recommendations for the brand’s products in real-time. Starter kits can be purchased directly through the app on-site at the event.

  • 50%

    Increased mobile traffic

  • 13%

    Lift in key conversions

  • $840,000

    Increased revenue

The Results

Nansen took the brand’s digital experience from one static website to a global digital network that fosters an enhanced customer experience for veterinarian and training partners, pet owners, retailers, and donors alike. With Nansen’s help, the company has extended its digital ecosystem to improve engagement and support, thereby increasing customers’ and partners’ emotional investment in the brand. As a result, mobile traffic increased by more than 50% in the first year post-launch and the brand’s popular food comparison tool yielded a 13% lift in key conversions - worth an estimated $840,000 in revenue per year.

Together with Nansen, the pet food leader continuously analyzes data from multiple sources including heat maps, and customer surveys to ensure effective optimization of its digital strategy and continued success in building and activating strong communities of brand advocates.