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How to Increase Average Order Value (AOV): The Behavior-Based AI Approach


In the world of eCommerce, traffic and conversion claim an outsized share of attention. Of course, getting lots of relevant visitors onto a website or app where they can make purchases—and then convincing them to go through with that purchase—is key to generating revenue.

What is the Difference Between DAM and PIM?


Businesses invest in many different tools, platforms, and software on the road to digital maturity. The most valuable of all those investments are ones that enable great, seamless customer experiences in our complex and connected world.

Content Modeling Custom CTAs for Contentful Web Pages

David Boland

Lots of Contentful website examples contain models for everything you would expect from a website. Standard pages, articles, authors, SEO, images, content blocks, etc. However, there is one subtle aspect that can get tricky, CTAs.

Google Core Web Vitals


Google Core Web Vitals and Google Search underwent major updates in summer 2021. What are these changes about, and how might they impact your business? Read on to get the full story and learn how to adapt your SEO practices.

Optimizely Shares 2021 Roadmap for B2B Commerce Products

Episerver (Optimizely)

Under the banner of a new unified vision, to “empower people to unlock digital potential,” Optimizely recently outlined its B2B commerce product roadmap for the remainder of 2021 and beyond in an information-rich webinar for customers and partners.