Forrester Report: The Business Impact of Optimizely

As an Optimizely Partner, we at Nansen believe strongly that Optimizely’s CMS and Web Experimentation platforms are best-in-class. Forrester Consulting agrees. First, Forrester named Optimizely as a Leader in its New Wave group for Feature Management and Experimentation. In that analysis, Forrester noted that Optimizely “serves digital teams that want an end-to-end platform that helps both the digital experience and app dev teams."

More recently, in a report based on new research, Forrester concluded that Optimizely’s experimentation platform gives organizations “the tools to efficiently and reliably test the impact their ideas will have on customer engagement and conversion.” Further, Optimizely “enables development teams to invest in rolling out the changes that will have the greatest impact and avoid those that will have negative results.”

Forrester based its findings about Optimizely in part on interviews with five decision-makers at four organizations that had used Optimizely for experimentation. 

Underpinning the qualitative insights about the impact Optimizely tools can have on organizations’ ability to enhance customer experience and drive ongoing innovation are some seriously impressive financial numbers compiled by the Forrester team.



Forrester found that Optimizely customers generated a 286% return on their investment, among many other benefits. By improving their site performance, increasing developer productivity, and retiring legacy tools, organizations made back the money spent on Optimizely tools within six months on average. 

As one Optimizely customer told Forrester, “One of the first tests we did was for headline testing on our home page. The winner of that test generated more annualized value than the cost of the tool.”

The report explores the Optimizely customer journey and provides detailed analyses of both the benefits and costs of Optimizely’s experimentation platform. Read more from Forrester about how Optimizely tools could transform your digital presence.

You can also check out Optimizely in The Forrester New Wave™ for Feature Management and Experimentation report.