Nansen and Occtoo Partner Up to Help Clients Launch and Manage Compelling New Digital Experiences

“The beauty of Occtoo,” according to Nansen CEO Markus Bereflod, “is that our clients can leverage existing investments in CMS, Commerce, PIM, and ERP platforms. With Occtoo, we rapidly combine and segment data from those existing platforms and build any type of frontend experience – a website, mobile app, service portal – much quicker than ever before. Most importantly, it enables contextual relevance across everything we create.”

Given that speed and seamless integration are both key to delivering best-in-class experiences for today’s digital customers, Occtoo’s focus on reducing time-to-market for new digital experiences while enabling creativity and innovation make the company a great match for Nansen. We are thrilled to be announcing our partnership today.

Keeping digital consumers engaged is no easy task. To grab and retain attention online, brands are competing not only with their industry peers but also with every other notification and application on a shopper’s phone. As such, new branded digital experiences need to be highly compelling to be successful.

 Occtoo designed its cloud-native Experience Data Platform to dramatically simplify the data-integration process: the SaaS tool seamlessly unifies customer and context data from backend systems (PIM, CRM, ERP etc.) into unique datasets, and makes those available to any frontend or channel. Thanks to this powerful capability, Occtoo clients can focus less on the nitty-gritty of integration and more on strategies for deeply engaging their customers. 

Through this new partnership with Occtoo, Nansen will be able to deliver even more value to our customers, future-proof clients’ technology stack, and enable them to quickly test new ideas and adapt to customer needs. Plus, the shared values between our two companies—agility, thoughtful experimentation, scalability, and more—will help hone our focus when developing collaborative solutions for clients.

“The Nansen team has a very modern and agile approach to how technology and human behavior should work together to build digital experiences that create competitive edge,” says Occtoo CEO and founder Niclas Mollin. “I am looking forward to seeing our Experience Data Platform and the Nansen team creating value for more customers together.”