Nansen Partners with Contentstack, Offers Clients Greater Flexibility Through Headless CMS

The importance of content to a great digital customer experience is indisputable. For this reason, content management systems (CMS) are among the most important layers of any company’s tech stack. But a CMS is not one size fits all. Many large companies may choose a big, powerful, traditional CMS, but for others, a “headless” CMS like Contentstack offers is a better choice. 

Nansen is proud to announce today our new partnership with Contentstack. This will allow us to continue expanding the options we can offer to clients when it comes to all-important content management systems. And as fully certified Contentstack partners, our team can help guide Nansen clients to a greater understanding of the benefits of Contentstack’s enterprise-ready headless CMS.

There is a great deal of compatibility between Nansen and Contentstack. Our teams originally connected through the MACH Alliance, a tech industry body that advocates for the adoption of headless and composable digital tools like Contentstack. We share a mission, to help brands deliver inspiring, modern digital experiences. And both Nansen and Contentstack are focused on meeting the demands of today’s customers while also driving innovation for the consumers of tomorrow.

“One of the most compelling things about Contentstack is how they’re expanding the capabilities traditionally associated with headless CMS vendors,” says Nansen co-CEO Joe Grause. “We’re proud to partner with them and excited to bring these offerings to Nansen clients.”

The key features of headless — speed, ease of use, and flexibility — are all part of Contentstack’s platform, but the company doesn’t stop there. Contentstack’s headless CMS also includes tools and features we’d expect from a bigger traditional vendor, like publishing workflows, high-volume data management, powerful editorial tools, and more. This suite of capabilities makes Contentstack more appealing to larger enterprises that might otherwise overlook headless vendors.

“Contentstack is excited to be partnering with Nansen as they have been innovators in the CMS space for many years,” says Todd Rathje, CRO at Contentstack. “We look forward to collaborating with Nansen and acquiring many new happy Contentstack clients together."

Many business leaders are looking to elevate their digital platforms these days. For brands that need to distribute images and videos across many channels, or have smaller budgets, or desire complete flexibility when it comes to content management, the headless CMS from Contentstack may be the perfect choice.

To learn more about how Nansen and Contentstack work together to drive digital transformation and create seamless experiences for customers, reach out to us today.