The Nansen CX Vision and Roadmap Accelerator Workshop

Achieve incremental innovation by developing a customer-centric business strategy

McKinsey reports that customer satisfaction with new products is among the important innovation metrics for businesses. With customer experience (CX) continuing to be the main area for competition between brands, how sure are you that your CX design is meeting the expectations of today’s consumers?

If you’re working on assumptions, rather than data, or you’re seeing a high volume of negative customer-experience feedback, you risk losing business to more digitally mature and customer-centric competitors.

Meeting customer expectations in today’s world requires both a deep understanding of the customer journey and a business strategy that aligns with that journey. The Nansen CX Vision and Roadmap Accelerator Workshop will guide you through this process, from building a customer journey map to identifying gaps in your strategy and design to developing a roadmap for targeted adjustments and improvements.

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About Nansen

We believe genuine personal relationships produce truly impactful work. We relentlessly focus on our culture by embracing a combination of work and life; empathizing and understanding our clients and partners; driving innovation with lean, agile processes; and continually improving so we can be the best at what we do.

Ultimately, we create value and advantage for our customers through robust, meaningful, customer experiences.