FLIR Enhances Visitor Engagement With New Customer-Centric User Experience

The Challenge

FLIR Systems is the world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of thermal imaging infrared cameras. While the company’s 3,000+ products save lives and protect livelihoods, the FLIR team struggled to bring their story to life. As a result, FLIR approached Nansen to help address three primary challenges:

  1. Effectively present FLIR as one organization with one cohesive brand story, rather than a multinational conglomerate of numerous B2B and B2C companies
  2. Build a website that would intelligently and effortlessly classify, sort, and deliver the right product and experience based on a user’s needs and intent
  3. Visually communicate FLIR’s value proposition focused on the impact of “revealing an unseen world”

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing


Wilsonville, Oregon


The solution

After researching the industry, defining strategic pillars, and mapping customer journeys for each segment, Nansen partnered with the FLIR team to redefine the brand to more accurately portray FLIR’s innovation and launch two new critical functions.

Building a hierarchy

To start, Nansen created a hierarchy for users to visualize FLIR’s impact on a number of different industries. Utilizing Episerver’s personalization engine, the user experience was updated to include a guided exploration of products before a buyer makes a purchase. A more succinct layout was also implemented to prioritize products and keep buyers focused and free from distraction.

PIM implementation

Next, Nansen deployed a Product Information Management (PIM) system, including product taxonomy organization and data modeling. Once established, the PIM data was integrated into Episerver Commerce via custom synchronization processes built on top of RESTful APIs, enabling product data to sync automatically with Episerver Commerce. This empowers the FLIR team to maintain a single source of truth for product information while leveraging the powerful marketing tools and editing features within the Episerver platform.



A6 (1).png


From a design perspective, the new FLIR experience now reflects that of an industry leader and innovator. Core brand elements were redesigned to include updated messaging that translates from packaging to product design and tradeshows to the website. The updated site features all new visual elements including layout, typography, photography style, and product styling. And all creative elements were conveniently built to allow for different types of digital delivery and brand flexibility as product offerings continue to grow and evolve.

FLIR hero.gif

FLIR’s highly engaged and experienced sales, marketing, and creative teams were a pleasure to work with as we developed their content and inbound marketing strategy. Whether in workshops or calls, I appreciated their clear and constructive comments as well as their gusto for trying out new ideas and approaches that could make the customer experience even better. It’s rare to see a market leader so open to change and development. Russell Lack, Manager Content Design & Analytics, Client Partner
  • 20%

    Increase in page visits

  • 10%

    Decrease in site-wide bounce rate

  • 51%

    Product page bounce rate reduction

  • >1 s

    Reduction in page load time

The Results

Launched in 25 languages and 13 markets, the new and improved debuts an entirely new messaging strategy, customer-centric user experience, and PIM system. Once a liability, a verticalized product catalog and 1:1 personalized product recommendations have transformed FLIR’s vast product portfolio into a competitive advantage.

In addition to creating excitement among all brand stakeholders, the new site is also generating impressive results with a 20% increase in page visits and 10% decrease in bounce rate. Thanks to the improved product experience, the company has seen a 51% reduction in the bounce rate on its product pages specifically. The average page load time has also decreased by more than one full second.