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A better way to manage digital content

Customer experiences can make or break brands. Modern consumers expect personalized engagements on digital channels. This causes brands to invest heavily in content production, especially in visual content (photos, videos, graphics), to keep up with the increasing demand on their website, social media and 1-1 marketing.

As content production is soaring, marketers are challenged being the bottlenecks. They find their sales reps still using old, outdated materials, receiving constant emails asking for the new logo – all of which hurts their operational efficiency. The result? Thousands of files across multiple sources: servers, file sharing tools, email attachments etc.

One place for all brand assets

Marketers and sales teams simply lack a systemized structure of approved and ready-to-use brand assets from an easy-to-access entry point.

Digital Asset Management software offers a smart solution to address this challenge and helps marketers orchestrate the distribution of digital content across multiple channels from a single source. DAM helps you keep track of your content, repurpose it, and maximize its impact across the entire customer journey.


About Digizuite

Since 2000, Digizuite develops digital asset management software, Digizuite™ Media Manager, for easy search, management, sharing and reuse of digital files. Everyone can always find and use the right file, anytime and from any device. Enterprises use our software as self-service brand portals, video portals and content hubs for high-quality brand experiences, while improving collaboration across teams. 

Digizuite is a recognized, global DAM vendor with over 500.000 users across North America and Europe, offering seamless integrations to Episerver CMS and Sitecore CMS users