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Our partnership with Klevu was born from the understanding that a superlative search experience is critical to e-commerce success. As online shoppers’ expectations continue to rise, Klevu’s AI-powered discovery engine helps brands connect customers with the products they want to buy, quickly and seamlessly.

There are many product-discovery tools on the market, but Klevu offers a number of unique benefits that make it an ideal partner for Nansen.

First, Klevu’s tools have a low barrier to entry, enabling rapid speed to market for Nansen customers. The time required to go from hypothesis to launch with Klevu is much shorter than what the average CMS provider can deliver.

Klevu also has a powerful self-learning search engine. While other providers offer self-learning capabilities, Klevu’s engine can be pre-populated with data, making the process of increasing search-result relevance faster and easier.

Combined, these two factors elevate the Klevu AI-powered discovery engine over similar offerings from other vendors and helped spark the partnership with Nansen.


Case Study: Kingpin Tattoo Supply Boosts Conversion Rate by 3%

A leading e-commerce destination for professional tattoo equipment, Kingpin needed help to take its digital customer experience to the next level. Specifically, the Kingpin team wanted to improve their website search functionality. Nansen and Kingpin set an initial goal of increasing conversion by 1% or 2%—but after implementing Klevu’s discovery engine, the conversion rate for visitors who used the Kingpin site search increased by nearly 3%. 

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About Klevu

Founded in 2013, Klevu’s proprietary product discovery technology drives traffic, conversion, and loyalty for e-commerce websites, while reducing bounce rates. It is easy to configure, optimize, and maintain and fully integrates with major e-commerce platforms in just hours.

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